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Self-Study Programme

Following the same format as the 14-week programme but without the Zoom chats, email and Facebook support this is still a very powerful programme. If you want to make lasting, successful changes to your life, or to a specific aspect of your life, then this programme is for you.

The tools and techniques I share with you in the written, video and audio modules have worked for many clients. Unlike other programmes, this course encompasses a myriad of approaches. We re-train your mind, your body, you soul (yeah, we all have one!). I introduce you to concepts that you may not have thought of as helpful in figuring out what you want and how to get it.

You get to work at your own pace, for as long as it takes. Dive in and out of modules, revisit them, update your plans, goals and dreams as you go.

An overview of the modules in the programme is as follows:

Module 1 Where are you now?
Module 2 What do you really want?
Module 3 Positive Psychology
Module 4 Emotional Intelligence
Module 5 Understanding how your brain works
Module 6 Who are you today? Building your support team
Module 7 Knowing your strengths and your purpose
Module 8 Mind your language! An introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Module 9 Body Work
Module 10 Energy Anatomy
Module 11 A Very Cunning Plan (and how to take control of your ‘fears’)
Module 12 Managing your workload
Module 13 Planning with purpose – your purpose
Module 14 Pulling it all together

The price for the course is £70. That includes a copy of the book along with intensive guides to support you through the modules. You can sign up to the course here