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    So not only have I written and published my own book (honestly, I did all the fiddly eBook formatting malarkey stuff myself!) but I am also creating this stunning website myself too.

    OK,  so I do have a secret weapon (Andy the IT man I mentioned in my book) but by and large I just get on with it and hope for the best.

    My point?  As I said in my book, you can achieve anything your little hearts desire if you put your mind to it, put some effort into it and aren’t afraid to ask for help when you need it.

    That said, my poor brain hurts now after a particularly tricky bit so I am off outside to lie on my swing seat and have a little business meeting with myself for half an hour.  The fact that I will have my eyes shut and there may be a little bit of snoring does NOT mean that I am napping, no, not at all. It means I am in a deep meditative state, something I have to achieve to get the best results out of my ‘team’.

    On that whopping great fib I shall toddle off and speak to you again soon xxx