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  • If in doubt, do nowt

    If in doubt, do nowt.

    Before I go any further I feel I should explain that ‘nowt’ means nothing. I know it is a northern term so thought I had better clarify 🙂

    So, I used to use that saying myself when trying to make decisions. I used to advise others that if you aren’t sure about something, don’t do it. There are times when it is applicable especially if a decision is being made in haste, coming from a sense of panic or urgency. Maybe you are being pressured into making a choice? That aside, sometimes the saying is just a bloody good excuse not to act.

    What do I mean? Generally speaking, I am talking about fear. Fear of getting it wrong, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, etc. Sometimes not taking action is comfortable. It is the easy option. But sitting on the fence can make you feel frustrated. You want to do something but just don’t feel brave enough which leads you to getting cross with yourself.

    If you want to make changes (see yesterday’s post) then I’m afraid you cannot do nothing. Sitting brooding will not get things done. You have to take action, even if that is just taking a small step. Action doesn’t have to be uncontrolled, making a huge leap. Action can simply be making a list of things you want to do, changes you would like to make. Then pick one item on the list, the one that you feel drawn to not the one that is sensible or you feel you should choose, and break that down into even smaller steps.

    The steps can be anything relevant, but they mean everything because by writing them or doing them you are doing something. It could be fact finding to help come to the right decision, whether that is asking an expert in that field or doing research yourself. It could be actually doing something, like signing up to a course or buying a training manual.

    The important thing to be aware of is what is driving you – panic, worry, stress are bad reasons whereas dreams, ambition, excitement are good reasons. Also what is holding you back – doubt, other people, fear perhaps?

    I rarely ‘do nowt’ anymore. Sometimes my action is as simple as sitting somewhere quiet and mulling things over with a cup of tea and a biscuit. This post is me taking action, it is about sharing my thoughts and coaching with you. Sharing feels good