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    Your body energy


    I’m not talking about the sort that powers your lights or keeps the TV on, but your personal energy. Now, I fully admit to being the most fact-biased, unfluffy person going but this energy malarky, well, it has got me hooked.

    I posted the other day about willpower, and shared the lovely question ‘where is your will placing your power?’. You see we are all made from energy, a quick internet search for quantum physics will give you some ‘facts’ if you need them.

    Energy vibrates at different frequencies, strengths if you will. So if my nice calm energy butts up agains someone’s strong, grumpy energy then a thing called entrainment can happen – basically the stronger energy makes the weaker one vibrate at its level. Which kinda explains how if someone very close to you is in a foul mood, you can find yourself there too. Or if you have a friend who is always super chirpy and happy then you can come away feeling the same way.

    So, will and power. If you are intent on placing your focus (your will) on what is bugging you, then that is where all your energy (your power) is going to go too. There will be no power left for the good stuff.

    I could waffle on for pages but (a) I would like you to focus just on where your thoughts and energy are being diverted for while and (b) I am finishing off the ‘Energy Anatomy’ module for the self-study and 14-week guided ‘How to Get Your Shit Together’ programmes so I don’t want to share too much and spoil that for you


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