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Once upon a time in a land far, far away (northern England) lived a lovely young woman called Sue. At that point she didn’t really realise she was lovely though. She had plenty of good days and ran her own successful business but there was always, always an ugly old troll called Doubt living under Sue’s bridge. Doubt had a very powerful sidekick too, her name was Low Self-Esteem.

One day Sue met a handsome prince, they fell in love instantly and she vowed to make him hers. He was tall, dark (and light) with the deepest brown eyes which looked right into her soul. True to her word, Sue bought him and together they began to take on the troll and her sidekick.

Ari, the man who made me who I am

OK, I can’t carry on with the fairy tale jibber jabber any longer! It is a true story and was the start of my path into personal coaching. I had crippling self-doubt, especially in relation to my ability to care for my horse properly. The horsey world is a snarky, horrid place at times with people only too keen to knock you down. But it was my desire to be the best version of myself for my handsome prince (Ari is his name) that led me to research, adopt and train in an array of brain training techniques.

In case you were interested, I am trained in:
• C.B.T. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Life Coaching
• Life Purpose Coaching
• Mindfulness
• Emotional Intelligence
• Law of Attraction
• Positive Psychology
• Energy Anatomy
• Reiki
• And a host of ‘body work’ methods such as Pilates, Yoga and Sports Massage

Anyhoo, fast forward a decade and I am now comfortable in my own skin, happy with who I am, enjoying being me, etc.. And now I help people just like me, and you, get to the same point. I’m not a therapist or a counsellor, I am a coach. I don’t rake over the past, I focus on the future. In this work, How to Get Your Shit Together, I take all the years of work I did on myself, for myself, and wrap it all up in a really easy-to-follow format. I take all the ‘wordy’ stuff I have studied and set it out in a fluff-free format for you.

So that is me, very normal, very laid back and here, ready to help you take hold of your life and give it a ruddy good shake up.