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14 Week Guided Programme


So, you know you need to make some significant changes to your life but haven’t got a clue where to start. Well, right here is a damned good place.

We start at the beginning, where you are right now and how you feel about it. I ask you to look deeper into life as it currently stands and give me an honest, non-judgemental appraisal of how its working and feeling for you. If you don’t know where you are, how can you know which direction to take? Then, just like in the book, we forge forwards; planning, scheming, coming up with innovative solutions to help you live the life you dream of.

How does this guided programme differ from the book? You get me, that’s how. In one of the last paragraphs of the book I say ‘I wish I could have been with you while you worked through this process, to guide you along and help with any tricky bits’. So here I am, ready to mentor and support you as you take this journey. I’m going to hold your hand when you feel wobbly, gently propel you forwards when you get stuck and maybe do a little bit of butt-kicking if you need it too!

You will be working as part of a small group, all intent on making changes in your lives. Don’t let that worry you though, that collective energy is powerful stuff I promise. There will be fortnightly Zoom chats to check in with you all (if you haven’t used it, I will talk you through it). You get a PDF copy of the book plus additional written modules, video and audio files to work through at your own pace. Depending on the group preference there may be a private Facebook group or email group. Plus, email ‘nudges’ to keep you on track.

An overview of the modules in the programme is as follows:

Module 1 Where are you now?
Module 2 What do you really want?
Module 3 Positive Psychology
Module 4 Emotional Intelligence
Module 5 Understanding how your brain works
Module 6 Who are you today? Building your support team
Module 7 Knowing your strengths and your purpose
Module 8 Mind your language! An introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Module 9 Body Work
Module 10 Energy Anatomy
Module 11 A Very Cunning Plan (and how to take control of your ‘fears’)
Module 12 Managing your workload
Module 13 Planning with purpose – your purpose
Module 14 Pulling it all together


Cost: £700pp  Only six participants per course.

Booking for the next programme will open soon, meantime feel free to contact me to express your interest in a space.